amymzander.com A writer at heart

I have been a writer since I could form words and tell a story. My first “publications” were a series of family newsletters complete with dinner menus and “tattle tales” (my brothers really didn’t like those!)

Words are Powerful

When I discovered how powerful words could be, written and spoken, I began sharpening my craft so I can communicate as clearly and artistically as possible.

That is why I believe WORDS MATTER.

In the world of online marketing and social media everything starts with great content.

Words. Messages. Thoughts. Big Ideas.

Everyone has something to say that would benefit someone else.

What drives YOUR social media marketing plan?

Your story

We help businesses tell their story every day in order to increase their online presence. Our focus is always on our client’s needs and using their own words and the knowledge and education they already possess.  Together we successfully turn Social Media and the internet into generous profits.

Social Media Marketing doesn’t have to be overwhelming

But it is necessary to have an online presence in order to take the relationships offline and turn them into clients and customers.

Why? It has to do with the GENEROUS PROFITS mentioned above.

Or it could also be that you are in possession of knowledge and information that the world needs to have and you are seeking the most reliable and effective way to get it into the hands of the masses as quickly as possible.

Create awesome and informative content with some cool and helpful images and push it out to the right platforms in the right way and Viola! You have a Social Media plan and you are managing content like a BOSS!

Social Media is content and image driven and relies on solid community connections.

Creating a social media team turns frustration into FUN!

Because sometimes doing something like a BOSS means hiring someone else to do it!

We at Zander Management work along side our clients to turn your knowledge and experience into your story because it is unique to you and your business.  Think of us as your editor and publisher, helping you get out there in front of the world every day.

Street Cred

Amy has over 20 years of experience as a writer, editor, blogger, and social media content creator and manager. She has experience as the editor-in-chief of a Lansing area health magazine, and has written for several Michigan area publications including Capital Area Women’s Lifestyle Magazine, Healthy & Fit, Capital Gains, Breaking Breads, City Pulse, and several community and business newsletters.

Zander Management has helped many clients launch successful social media campaigns including active Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, twitter, websites and blogs. We believe all types of businesses can benefit from a solid social media plan. Our diverse client base includes a cafe, movie theater, a health center, a large farmer’s market and the Downtown Development Association of a Michigan town.

In addition to writing, Amy has management and event planning experience and has owned and operated her own cafe and bakery.

Amy’s work and life experience have helped her to become very organized and able to write on a variety of topics with thorough research, sound technical and editorial content, and a perspective that is both thoughtful and often humorous.

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